Our Story



Our Story

We created Juice Jar to make getting fresh, organic juice easy, plain and simple. Being consistent is difficult; even we have times when we’re just too busy or tired to go to the store and buy produce, make several juices, and then clean everything up! Even knowing where to start can be difficult. There’s a lot of information out there, and learning to understand the basics of nutrition and how the body metabolizes foods takes time and energy. We have spent the last ten years focused on acquiring just this understanding of nutrition so we could create an easy way to make juice a part of people's lifestyle. Not only did we want it to be convenient but we also wanted to make sure it was the highest quality product. 

Juice Jar is not just about juicing; it’s about finding balance with nutrition, meditation, exercise, and sleep. It’s our belief that how you address these four components of healthy living can make or break your fitness and health goals. 

Here you will find daily motivation, inspiration, and news about juicing and how it can be incorporated into the four core lifestyle components. If you’re ready to see what your body can do, join us at Juice Jar and begin living the Juice Jar Life!


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