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The Basics
Juice Jar uses a cold-pressed process to draw out the juice from fruits and vegetables. No heat is introduced to the produce, ensuring there’s no corruption of the live enzymes or breakdown of the nutrients. There are other, more common methods of juicing which use metal blades that spin at a high speed. The spinning creates heat which will break down and oxidize the produce. This process changes the molecular structure of the juice and diminishes its nutrient content.

Why Should I drink cold-pressed juice?
The phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables have been shown to prevent many of the crippling diseases we see today, and research consistently shows that people who eat the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables are less likely to develop diseases and health issues. The United States Cancer institute suggests eating 5 servings a day, but with our modern busy schedules that can be difficult to achieve. By drinking your fruits and veggies, you can achieve this suggested amount in 12-24 ounces of juice. There is anywhere from 3-5 pounds of produce in one Juice Jar!



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