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the AMAZING benefits of WHEATGRASS

Posted by Jill Howard on Jul 15th 2016

I spoke to someone the other day, this person is awesome and a great advisor to me. We were on the subject of juicing and their thoughts about it, something they said was really valuable and interesti … read more

Juice Jar Goes Brick-and-Mortar

Posted by Jill Howard on Sep 10th 2015

Since opening our on-line store in May and beginning our attendance at local farmers markets it has been a whirlwind of excitement, joy, and a little lack of sleep! But, I have enjoyed every second … read more

After the Cleanse

Posted by Jill Howard on Jun 24th 2015

We did it; buddies we did it! Over the last three days myself, and several others, have been on a buddy-cleanse, fueling our bodies with nothing but juice. I experienced ups and downs, moments of ex … read more

Cleanse Preparation and Tips

Posted by Jill Howard on Jun 16th 2015

I have found that taking a few days to prepare mentally and emotionally before cleansing helps ensure success with no hic-ups. Below is a list of steps to help prepare before any cleanse.1. Clean ou … read more

Top 5 Best Juicing Documentaries

Posted by Jill Howard on Jun 15th 2015

I love a good documentary; and I especially like documentaries about food and health. Dealing with my own health issues I find that watching documentaries is a wonderful way to find community, educa … read more