After the Cleanse

Published by Jill Howard on Jun 24th 2015

We did it; buddies we did it! Over the last three days myself, and several others, have been on a buddy-cleanse, fueling our bodies with nothing but juice. I experienced ups and downs, moments of excitement and pride, and waves of frustration and irritation. It wasn’t easy to make the commitment, it wasn’t easy to give up junk food, and it certainly wasn’t easy to not eat for three days; but we did it - this is where we do our victory dance!
It’s important now that we are mindful of what we eat as we ease back into our new healthy eating plan. Here are a couple of things to consider as we gently introduce food back into our routine.

1. Start slowly by eating raw or broth based soups (stay away from cream based soups). This is a great way to extend the cleanse and continue to retrain your palate.

2. Introduce one new thing a day. One of the greatest benefits of doing a cleanse is that you can see which foods are causing you discomfort. If you introduce something, lets say dairy, and you find that it doesn’t agree with your stomach, you feel sluggish or get a headache - wait to introduce something else. Try dairy again the next day and see if you have the same reaction. If you do, then you will know dairy may not be something you want to incorporate back into your diet. You can then move onto the next item and go through the same process.

Once you have slowly reintroduced the foods that you want in your diet, you should have a good idea of what your body likes and doesn’t like.

I want to thank those that embarked on this journey with me; I hope you are all feeling as renewed and excited as I am!