Heartwarming Welcome

Published by Jill Howard on Jun 3rd 2015

It has been such an amazing past few weeks, opening our doors on May 11th and participating at the YLNI Barr Street Market! I have lived in Fort Wayne most of my life and am just now starting to feel the wonderful vibe our city has to offer. Meeting other small business owners and people of our town has been beyond fantastic! It is really heartwarming the welcome Juice Jar has received, and how the juicing lifestyle is being embraced.

I am really looking forward to this summer, as our next two markets are about to open later this month. I have dreamt for a long time about sharing my passion for juice and the health benefits that can come from it and now I am doing just that! Thank you to all that have been so supportive and continue to support the dream. I think we all want to be our best selves and give our bodies what it needs to perform optimally and it brings me such joy to be apart of that healing, healthy process.