Top 5 Best Juicing Documentaries

Published by Jill Howard on Jun 15th 2015

I love a good documentary; and I especially like documentaries about food and health. Dealing with my own health issues I find that watching documentaries is a wonderful way to find community, education, become motivated, spark debate, and generate need for further investigation into the subject. With the buddy cleanse around the corner (starting on June 22nd) I have been revisiting documentaries that help inspire and motivate me; here is a list of my top 5 favorite documentaries on juicing.

1. Fat Sick and Nearly Dead
Can also be seen on Netflix

This is the documentary that changed my juicing ritual from an occasional occurrence to a daily passion. I talk to so many people that have had the same experience after watching this film, which follows Joe Cross on a 60-day juice fast. Joe starts his inspiring journey at 310 pounds and taking several medications to deal with his ailments. Working with his doctors he trades in his junk food for a juicer and decides to drink only fresh fruits and vegetables. On his journey he talks to hundreds of Americans about food and health. It is inspiring, motivating, and nothing short of amazing to watch Joe transform his life by juicing and exercising.

2. Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 2
Can also be seen on Netflix

Okay, so now we’ve been juicing and we’ve seen amazing results; how do we keep it up? During Joe’s second documentary he covers how to make healthy habits last. He talks to experts and shares more information about food and how to sustain long-term eating behaviors for continued health.

3. Super Juice Me

This is an emotional documentary that follows 8 people with 22 different health issues on a 28-day juice cleanse. It’s amazing to watch each persons weight loss, clarity of their skin, and overall happiness transform over the course of the film. The creator Jason Vale takes this group on a retreat to see if ingesting only high quality nutrition can treat disease.

4. The Joy of Juicing

I really like this documentary because it covers more than just juicing. It considers a total approach to health through stress management, diet, detoxification, and exercise. Joseph Null, Ph. D., talks to everyday people about their lifestyles and also takes you through the produce section to highlight the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. He believes that by taking a total approach to health and detoxifying the digestive system we can overcome fibromyalgia, allergies, immune dysfunction, arthritis and more.

5. Dying to Have Known

Having experienced health benefits from juicing myself I am always moved by others testimonials. This documentary takes a look at the Gerson Therapy – a suggested natural cure for cancer. During a 52-day journey, Steve Kroschel, talks to Gerson patients, scientists, surgeons, and nutritionists who testify to the therapy’s efficacy in curing cancer and other degenerative disease.