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Citrus Zinger - ORGANIC

Orange - Ginger - Lemon - Cayenne - Black Pepper:
Orange juice with a zing! Oranges help boost the absorption of iron, aid in the production of collagen, and protect cells from damage. The spicy zing from ginger and cayenne has been shown to reduce inflammation, aid in digestion, and calm nausea.
48 Hour Production Lead Time:
Friends, if you are placing your order after 2PM you will need to start your 48 hour lead time starting the following day.
Pick-Up Times:
Due to COVID-19 we have limited pick-up times: 7AM, 1PM, & 3PM. PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT OFFER PICK UP ON SUNDAYS.

Only organic produce used to make your juice!

CITRUS ZINGER - 12 oz. Bottle
Black Pepper
Purified Water