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Your Certified Juice Therapist has received extensive training using The Juice Guru Method® and has been certified through the Complimentary Medical Association. Certified Juice Therapists provide a plan that best meets your overall goals and intentions. Certified Juice Therapists are here to set up your daily juicing program, provide essential tips, motivation, and coaching before, during, and after your quarterly juice fasts. This also includes important information on how to end your juice fast properly. Certified Juice Therapists provide group and individual cleansing programs. Find out which one will best meet your needs. 

A few of the programs we offer are:

Sugar Detox
Juicing For Health
10-Day Holistic Detox
Custom Juice Fast 


Juicing is the single most powerful way to lose weight, heal your body and literally turn back the clock. Fresh-pressed juices are naturally the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, which means you get an unparalleled nutrient bang for your caloric buck. Fresh-pressed juice is detoxifying, helping you to shed the toxins and build your lean body from the ground up. And fresh-pressed juice is naturally hydrating, which helps stem food cravings and keep you lean and healthy.


Juice fasting is a reliable method for prolonging youthful appearance while keeping lean and fit. Juice fasting is not some new health fad. More Western doctors are touting the benefits of regular juice fasting as an indispensable part of a safe and effective preventative health-care program. Over the last century, juice fasting has been the preferred method for alleviating and eliminating disease throughout many European countries. Since its introduction in the late 1800s by several health pioneers, juice fasting has caught on and experienced a surge in growth over the past several decades. Cancer and medical clinics such as The Gerson Institute, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center and An Oasis of Healing use juicing and juice fasting as part of their overall treatment plans. We are over-burdened by toxic loads on our bodies everyday. From our polluted environment to stressful living to unhealthy processed foods, we can all use a break to give our bodies a chance to heal. Developing a regular habit of taking a break from eating solid food offers your tired, overworked body some very needed and deserved rest. Our medical advisors recommend juice cleansing four times a year, preferably with the changing seasons.


Daily Juice is an addition to your diet, not a replacement. It requires little change to your lifestyle. Yet, you will seem to age more slowly and with increased vitality. Daily Juicing can also help you prevent and heal from many chronic illnesses and maintain your ideal weight. Best of all, Daily Juice is accessible to everyone, once you’ve created the habit. Children, pregnant and nursing mothers, and the elderly, should not fast, but can enjoy Daily Juicing to stay healthy, active and sharp. Daily Juice helps you prevent weight-cycling (lose-gain-lose) between fasts and stay lean. Daily Juicing also helps you develop cravings for healthier foods and gives you energy to stay active throughout your day. Ask your Certified Juice Therapist to advise you on how you can easily develop a Daily Juice habit for you and your family, and what juices are best for your particular goals.



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