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All Cleanses are Made Using 100% ORGANIC Produce!

Hello, we are so happy you stopped here to inquire about juice cleanses! You may have a lot of questions and we hope this page will provide any answers you may be looking for. If not, please email us at and we will be happy to connect with you!


People choose to do cleanses for so many reasons, but we have found no matter the reason, they are a great way to pause the normal dietary routine and allow our mind and body to move into a desired health and wellness goal. Cleanses are a great way to break from where you are now with your dietary lifestyle, and help build a bridge to where you are planning to be in the future. Sometimes just taking a small step (cleansing) can be a huge catalyst for continued change in healthy eating habits.  A cleanse is nutrient dense and floods your body with vitamins and minerals which many people do not get with their normal diet. Cleansing can provide an abundance of nourishment that will create the opportunity for renewal of mind and body. Often, once the cleanse is over, individuals find they feel a sense of vigor and lightness that motivates continued healthy eating habits. 


We love all juices extracted from fruits and vegetables; however, not all fruit and vegetable juices are created the same. We know there can be confusion about what makes one juice better than another? For us, it starts with the quality of the ingredients, then into the extraction process, finished with the type of packaging.

We start with ORGANIC PRODUCE purchased locally when possible the day your order is placed, once the produce arrives in our facility it is thoroughly washed in apple cider vinegar. From there, the produce is put into a commercial food processor where it is minced into a pulp. The pulp is then placed into our COLD-PRESSED commercial machine that extracts the juice by pressing the pulp with pounds of pressure between two metal plates. The juice is then bottled and refrigerated for customer pick-up. Lastly, we DO NOT USE THE HPP METHOD which is a process used in order to create a longer product shelf life. We feel by eliminating this final HPP process you will benefit from the nutrients in an unaltered, live state which will allow the body to absorb the nutrition fully. Due to our juices being raw and live they must be consumed within 4 days of production vs. the 21+ day shelf life for juices that have undergone the HPP process.

Juice Jar also offers programs created by our Certified Juice Therapist who has received extensive training using The Juice Guru Method® and has been certified through the Complimentary Medical Association.


A juice cleanse is a fast where you consume only fruit and vegetable juices for up to several days at a time. These juices flood your body with nourishing vitamins, and minerals while giving your body a break from the processed foods found in most modern diets.


Purchasing a juice cleanse takes a lot of the hard work out of the equation because the juices are already made and will allow you to focus on yourself and your wellness goals. This also allows you to focus on nurturing yourself and enjoying the process. In preparation for your cleanse it is helpful to remove any foods or beverages that may create unnecessary distractions. Foods to consider removing are those high in sugar, processed, contain artificial ingredients, contain gluten or dairy, alcohol, and caffeine. This is a great time to clean and refresh your cabinets and refrigerator to make room for the new fresh foods you'll enjoy post cleanse.


There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to juice cleansing. We recommend one-day when you are looking for a full day of nutrients and want to reset or recharge. A three-day is our most recommended duration for those looking to assist in determining food sensitivities, jump start weight-loss, and remove unhealthy food cravings. Most cleanses are between 3-7 days.  


Always listen to your body during your cleanse and if you feel dizzy, weak, or are unsure it is always OKAY to eat raw fruits and vegetables without altering your cleanse. It is very common to juice cleanse during the day and eat a vegan, non processed meal for dinner. Broth and vegetable soups are a great way to calm the "hanger" that may pop up during your cleanse.


A positive mind-set is key when cleansing and is a great opportunity to pamper yourself and do things that bring you joy. Visualize as you drink each juice what a gift you are giving yourself and try enjoy the abundance of nutrients you are consuming. It is very common to miss "chewing" we suggest putting your juice over crushed ice to help calm your craving for food. Everyone is different and experiences cleansing differently but it can have ups-and-downs over the duration of the cleanse. Just keep listening to your body and go through the process with a mind of abundance and healing. Try to focus on your future wellness goals and journal to help create an outlet for any feelings that may arise during your cleanse.


Depending on the duration of your cleanse we advise a slow approach to reintroducing foods back into your diet. If you want to extend the benefits of the cleanse we suggest continuing with a non processed vegan diet and plenty of water. Introducing lean meat and fish next and lastly dairy, bread, and red meat. 


Below are some of the most common reasons people cleanse or juice daily for a healthier lifestyle

Conquer Cravings
Breaking a food habit is no easy task, but it can be done. Sometimes a hard intervention by way of juice fasting (cleansing) is needed to put a giant wall between our current eating habits and help us pause to allow for a new sense of well-being and beginning. A three-day cleanse is a great way to begin the process of removing food habits that you no longer desire and begin transitioning into new healthier cravings. Cleansing is good at the cellular level, no matter the duration, because it gives your body a full days’ worth of live vitamins and minerals. For added benefit, try journaling whenever you feel a pang for food so you can examine if it's genuine hunger or something else like boredom or emotions that have you thinking about your go-to comfort food(s). Our bodies crave what we are currently eating, so the good news is, we can crave healthy foods, we just have to eat (or drink) them! A juice cleanse is a wonderful bridge to get you there.

Sugar Cravings
We had to give sugar its own "craving" category. Cravings can be for a variety of reasons and for different things, but some common items are coffee, bread, pasta, and alcohol. The most common denominator for all these things is sugar. There are so many reasons you find yourself craving sugar, and it is always good to seek medical help if your cravings are sudden or causing discomfort. However, if you are experiencing symptoms like; bloating, unexplained fatigue, skin conditions, allergies or chronic food sensitivities, frequent colds or sinus infections it may be due to an imbalance in your gut bacteria (also known as the microbiome). There is potential for both good and bad bacteria to grow in the gut, and the foods we eat determine which bacteria flourishes. Therefore, it is so important to reduce the amount of sugar, and high fat foods we consume in our diet. The less healthy foods we eat, the less diverse the gut bacteria - which can lead to an overgrowth of bad gut bugs. This begins a vicious cycle of cravings and continued overgrowth. Eliminating sugar cravings can be a challenge but it can be done. Everyone is different with how they want to approach reducing sugars and certain foods, a great place to start is with a juice cleanse. This allows for the body to begin changing the microbiome, while also allowing you to clear out your cabinets...and possibly journal every time you feel a pang for food to see if it's genuine hunger or something else like boredom or emotions that have you thinking about your go-to sugary food(s).  

Food Sensitivities
Sometimes even healthy foods can cause bloating, headaches, and swelling in certain individuals. While you may not be allergic, it is possible to have sensitivities to certain foods, and because we are all unique we may find that a "healthy" food may not be digesting and/or absorbing as it should. It is also possible that dairy, red meat, night shades, gluten, or even certain fruits and /or vegetables may be upsetting your body without you even realizing it. As a first step, fasting with juice can help spotlight foods that may be causing a multitude of symptoms; such as, bloating, gas, cramping, headaches, itchy skin, bumpy skin, irritation, loss of hair, and beyond . A way to use a juice fast (or cleanse) for this purpose is to fast with your juice cleanse and then post cleanse slowly introduce different food groups over the course of several days to see if you have any adverse reactions when each food group is introduced. Food journaling is highly recommended post cleanse if food sensitivity is a concern. 

Weight Loss
Juice fasting (cleansing) is a great way to get a little "weight loss" nudge to help you move into a healthy lifestyle. A three-day cleanse is a great way to flood the cells with live nutrition while allowing the body to focus on removing some of the cobwebs from the intestines (partially digested food, toxins, fluid retention) all of which can add weight and sluggish functioning of the body and brain. Unfortunately, a juice cleanse alone will not keep weight off, but it is a great catalyst to healthy eating habits which will ultimately help you achieve and continue your health and weight goals.

Surgery & Health Restrictions
Did you just get braces? Possibly you can't eat solids due to an illness or health restriction? Being unable to eat solids you will need to get your nutrition from a liquid diet. Often, smoothies are a great way to get the calories needed when on a liquid diet, and juice is a great way to consume the needed vitamins and minerals. Keep in mind it is always good to check with your health care provider when considering an all liquid diet. 

Abundance of Nutrients
Let’s face it, sometimes we just need to be flooded with live nutrients and to take a few days to pamper ourselves, we all deserve it. A juice cleanse is not a time of restriction but a time to overflow the body with vitamins and minerals. If possible, use your cleansing time to relax, consider, and regroup. If you can, try to do things that bring you joy and calm your mind. A cleanse is a wonderful way to reconnect with your body. 




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