Juice Jar Story

Juice Jar was established in 2015 by Jill and Scott Howard. 


“Our mission is to provide food, beverages, and an experience that supports our customers’ journey to eat better, feel stronger, and live a more nourished lifestyle,” 


Growing up, Jill Howard faced health complications. From the age of seven, the Fort Wayne native suffered from migraines, and as she reached adulthood, other health issues came up, including hair loss, extremely sensitive skin, and compromising digestive issues. 


Over the years, she saw doctors, but they ultimately said they couldn’t do any more to help her. So at the age of 28, she decided to take matters into her own hands.


In an effort to feel better, Jill began juicing fruits and vegetables to drink, and she became an avid juicer for about 10 years from the comfort of her home. But while drinking juice daily helped her overcome her health issues, she discovered that finding 100% raw and organic cold-pressed juice in Fort Wayne was a difficult task.


When friends and family began asking Jill to make them juices, she and Scott decided to take their juices to market. In 2015, Jill and Scott first launched Juice Jar inside the City Exchange Shops in downtown Fort Wayne. After being in the City Exchange Shops for over three years they moved to a new location at 6312 Covington Rd. where their shop currently is today. 



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